1. Dezember 2018, 10.30 bis 20 Uhr

Artistic and Curatorial Turns, Care and Accelerated Capitalism. From the Sixties to Contemporary Practices in Feminist Perspectives. A Tour de Force.

Dorothee Richter

My first step in investigating the notion of different turns in art and curating would be to construct a historical relation to former re-readings of what art might entail. To see what an intervention in contemporary art could do with a re-reading of parameters and of protocols, we have to discuss or to sketch its condition and the changes it makes possible. What is the state of art that is targeted by changing certain notions of art? Is contemporary art the lubricating layer of internationally acting accelerated capitalism? Is the contemporary curator to be seen as the paradigmatic post-Fordist neoliberal figure, allegedly preserving the ability to act as cultural author, traveling the world, networking and being involved with the most creative minds (the artists) plus the richest in the world, transgressing borders, cultural differences and class distinctions. Can one, or we together save curating as a critical activity, as an exciting form of knowledge production which propose very different forms of subjectivation, different forms of communing, different forms of working together on shared interests?

Dorothee Richter (curator, filmmaker, author)  is director of the PhD in Practice in Curating programme, University of Reading and Zurich University of the Arts, Professor in Contemporary Curating at the University of Reading, she is head of the MAS in Curating, ZHdK, publisher of OnCurating, and involved in the OnCurating Project Space. She is also a Fluxus Specialist.

Viewing Women's Work in the Art Museum

Lara Perry

Alongside some feminist art practice of the period, the pioneering Womanhouse exhibition organized by the CalArts Feminist Art Program in 1972 playfully inverted the conventional division between domestic life and art exhibition. Proposing a home as a museum, and the themes of feminized domestic labor as the proper concern of art, the strategies of the Womanhouse exhibition brought the labor of 'social reproduction' into visibility as a part of the art world. This talk will explore how those activities have continued to occupy the spaces of the art museum under a range of guises, from the work of education departments to artistic and curatorial practices that put social relations at the heart of contemporary art practice. These reflections invite speculation as to how we could create a feminist revolution in the function of social reproduction in the art museum, today.

Lara Perry is a Principal Lecturer in History of Art and Design at the University of Brighton. Her interest in gender, feminism and the museum was first articulated in a book Facing Femininities: Women and the National Portrait Gallery, 1856-1900 (Ashgate, 2006) and most recently in an investigation of 'The Artist's Household: On Gender and the Division of Artistic and Domestic Labour in Nineteenth century London' (Third Text, 31/1, 2017). She has collaborated on a number of projects exploring feminism and curating including co-editing issue 29 of OnCurating, and Politics in a Glass Case: Feminism, Exhibition cultures and Curatorial transgressions (2013) with Angela Dimitrakaki.


Public Feminisms Forum. Collectively: Thinking, Speaking, Writing

With Anschläge (Lea Susemichel), AUF (Eva Geber, Marietta Schneider), Ona B., Bliss (Marlene Bür- gerkurator Engel), Johanna Braun, Frauenhetz (Birge Krondorfer), Lena Fritsch, Intakt (Stella Bach, Julia Bugram, Susanne Kompast), Kunst und Kind (Vasilena Gankovska, Hansel Sato), Sophie Lingg, Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky Raum (Christine Zwingl), MenstruationsNetzwerk (Valentina Mitterer), Migrationsskizzen (Carla Bobadilla), Miss Balthazar’s Laboratory (Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Stephanie Wuschitz), ÖGGF (Romana Hagyo), Iver Ohm, RADS, RitClique (Erica Fischer), Salon Talk (Dudu Kü- cükgöl, Anna Mendelssohn), Juliane Saupe, Basak Senova, Sorority (Sandra Nigischer, Martina Schöggl), Melinda Tamas, VBKÖ (Stephanie Misa, Ruby Sircar), Wienwoche (Nataša Mackuljak, Iva- na Marjanovic), (Malu Blume, Ebru Düzgün, Magdalena Fischer, Franziska Kabisch, Sophie Utikal). The workshop is based on texts written by all the contributors. Workshop run by Elke Krasny and Claudia Lomoschitz.


Birgit Bosold / Vera Hofmann, Concerted Actions: Women*s Year at Schwules Museum Berlin 2018

Katharina Koch, Revolt She Said. Perspectives and Questions on Feminist Art Curating and Anti- Hegemonic Production of His/Herstories

Moderated by Dorothee Richter

Lara Perry, Viewing Women's Work in the Art Museum

Dorothee Richter, Artistic and Curatorial Turns, Care and Accelerated Capitalism. From the Sixties to Contemporary Practices in Feminist Perspectives. A Tour de Force

Moderated by Elke Krasny

Noit Banai, Biopolitical Regimes of Feminism: 1938 – 1968 – 2018

Övül Ö. Durmusoglu, Who is a Revolutionary?

Moderated by Luisa Ziaja


Night School - Neda Hosseinyar, Marissa Lôbo, Stephanie Misa, Catrin Seefranz, Contagious Ideas: A Night School Workshop

Foto: eSeL, © Belvedere, Wien

Foto: eSeL, © Belvedere, Wien

Foto: eSeL, © Belvedere, Wien

Foto: eSeL, © Belvedere, Wien

Foto: eSeL, © Belvedere, Wien

Foto: eSeL, © Belvedere, Wien