28. November 2018, 18.30 bis 21 Uhr

A cyborg with a split personality and fluid gender zooms through time to collect his/her ”selves” in a struggle against a family obsessed by lineage: This cartoon-like futuristic low-budget horror satire by the Austro-British filmmaker Ashley Hans Scheirl turns the real into the absurd, for the duration of a small cybernetic, chemo-sexual film adventure at least. Identity is just a matter of creativity, and far beyond cinema‘s limitations. (Stefan Grissemann)

Ashley Hans Scheirl is an Austrian filmmaker, performance artist, and painter and an important representative of the international queer and transgender scene, who first became known for her experimental films. Scheirl’s work is transmedial, transdisciplinary and transformative. She has been a professor for Contextual Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna since 2006. Ashley Hans Scheirl’s work has been shown internationally at exhibition spaces (amongst them the New Museum in New York, the Shedhalle in Zürich, and the Nova Galerija in Zagreb), at film festivals, and at documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel.

Claudia Slanar is an art historian, writer, and curator of the Blickle Cinema and Blickle Video Archive at Belvedere 21. She has lectured on creative writing and conceptual, spatial art practices at the University of Applied Arts, in Vienna as well as at Webster Private University. In her curatorial and discursive practice, she deals with the performativity of historical narratives as well as the changing role of artistic authorship in contemporary society. She has published on performative practices, film and spatial theory in several international books and exhibition catalogues.


Ashley Hans Scheirl

Dandy Dust, AT/UK 1998, 94 min., English OV with German subtitles

Followed by a conversation between Ashley Hans Scheirl and Claudia Slanar


Director, script, editing: Ashley Hans Scheirl

Camera and digital animation: Jana Cipriani

Costumes: Amory Peart

Sound design: Jewels/Jason Barker

Music: Yossarian, Emma EJ Doubell, Bent


Ashley Hans Scheirl, Suzie Krueger, Tre Temperilli aka Trash, Leonora Rogers-Wright, Svar Simpson, Angela de Castro, Del la Grace Volcano, Sarah Schulman, Sue Golding aka Johnny de Philo, Tina Keane